Question graphics card has bend pcb

Oct 22, 2019
recently I bought used Gigabyte r9 270x windforce it was really beaten up so I wanted to restore it everything was great until I assembled it back together for some reason the pcb is bent it looks like I tightened the screws too much but no any less and the card overheats immediately I also changed thermal pads but the thickness is the same as the original ones.
The card is stable, gpu and vrm temperatures are good I don't know how to check memory temperature so I hope those are ok too.
I hope you can help me I have no idea what's wrong.
Is there something above the fan connector that's causing the PCB to be pushed downward? Looks like it doesn't align with the wrap-around of the shroud that protrudes off the end of the card. Or is the PCB supposed to be INSIDE the fan shroud and you simply plopped the fan shroud on and screwed it down without inserting the small length of PCB into the end of it?
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