Question Graphics Card Installation Issues

May 24, 2020
I'm trying to install a new graphics card on my existing PC. The PC is several years old and has a Gigabyte GA F2A88XM-HD3 motherboard. I have purchased a Radeon RX570 and installed it to the PCI slot and connected power.

When it's all connected the PC turns on, but doesn't boot up the OS. I have tried the HDMI connector in both the existing motherboard port and the new Graphics Card port; non of which seem to bring a signal to the monitor.

I have unplugged the power to the GPU whilst still connected to the motherboard and the PC boots up fine. I am then prompted that the AMD drivers are not installed. So I install them again from the install disc, reboot, and the message persists.

Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to try and get this new component installed.


I have just checked my installed drivers on Device Manager on Windows 7a and the Display Driver AMD Radeon HD 8570D is installed, which I am certain is the correct one for the GPU.
The Radeon HD 8570D drivers are for you integrated graphics.

First you must have your monitor plugged into the 570 only, plugging any monitor into the motherboard will disable the graphics card and force the integrated graphics of the CPU.

Second you must have any power connectors plugged into the 570 otherwise it will not boot and again you will use integrated graphics.

What RX570 is it exactly?

Was this 570 new or used when you bought it?

What power supply do you have exactly?

Things to try:

Using integrated grpahics boot into Windos and try and use DDU (Display driver Unisntaller) to remove any old AMD or Nvidia driver that may be installed on your system. You will need to boot into Windows safe mode in order to properly run it.

Power off your computer, hook up the 570 again and see if you can get into Windows.

If you do get into Windows with the card then download the latets "Release" version of the AMD drivers

If none of this works it may be a BIOS issue. A few newer graphics card dont always work with older legacy BIOS'. Thats why I asked what 570 it is axactly