Nov 9, 2019
Gigabyre rtx 2070 gaming 8g
B350 tomahawk
Ryzen 1700 x
Corsair hydro series 120mm liquid cooling fan
Old psu rosewell rg630-s12
New psu corsair rm850

I've had this card for about 8 months now, i don't really get to game much anymore and when I do i play oldish games like day of defeat. Anywho when I play 7 days to die , GTA V, or battle field 5 I've been having an issue where my computer will black screen , wait a few minutes and power cycle . It's only these games as far as I've noticed I've I've tried to replicate it with other graphically intensive games but haven't had the issue there . Note the issue doesn't show up if i go into the Aoras engine and keep my fans going at full blast.

What I've tried
  • reseating the gpu
  • changing out the paste on my cpu
  • buying a bigger powersupply to make sure it wasn't a power issue
  • changing my case fan configuration
  • trying a different pcie slot
  • lowering graphics settings
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