Graphics card Issues 4890 Turbo


Nov 10, 2009
Heya Guys.

I'm having a problem with my card. I have an HIS 4890Turbo which I have connected to my tv through an hdmi cable. I was watching a movie from my PC on the TV and my computer restarted by itself and now all i get is a blank screen. I have tried it in 2different comps same blank screen. I was running the tv as duplicate in CCC. I tried my brothers 4850 to see if I would get a blank screen and I didn't. So I tried going into CCC and changing the settings back to default to see if that would work but it didn't . Its like the card is stuck as a duplicate or something. Any ideas or help please. Also when the comp restarted it reset the card or something cause now the fan is real noisy like it was when I first got it.