[Graphics Card?] Left 4 dead crash


Aug 25, 2009
Hello. Been browsing these forums every one in a while for a few months now, you guys have some good threads.

I have an issue I want some feedback on.

my system is:

i7 920 @ 3.67ghz, 1.2v
corsair dominator 1600 6gb
nvidia gtx 285 1gb
xfx gtx 285 1gb (recertified)
corsair 1000w psu
x-fi titanium

When i play Left 4 Dead, and basically only L4D, i occasionally (maybe once every few hours, or once every few days) have a strange crash. The game goes into a constant sound loop and the video freezes. I have to ctrl/alt/del and end l4d. when i enter the game again, it works, but SLI becomes disabled. I must disable and re-enable SLI to have SLI work again. I initially thought it was a heating issue, so i used EVGA precision tune to raise fan speed to 100%. The cards usually run around 88c max. This seems to be within operating temp.

I do not know if this is a setting issue in l4d, or a bios tweak i am missing, or just the recertified 285 acting up. Any ideas?

Any other information needed?


Feb 16, 2009
Assuming you play a wide variety of games and it only happens in L4D, you might want to make sure both your game and graphics drivers are up to date. If it was heat you would probably have a hard crash. If it was a bad card it should happen in other games also. All signs point to drivers.