Question Graphics card not being used after system restore with code 43 error, what diagnostic tool should I try out?


Nov 16, 2013
A week ago, my pc started crashing (gray screen) when playing Dota 2. I decided to do a system restore after trying some other things. At some point after doing this system restore, the system refused to use the GPU (Nvidia GTX 780), so now I am using the "standard VGA driver/display". I am not able to restore back.

I am getting the code error 43 which is a pretty known issue. I have checked temperatures, done multiple clean display driver installs in various ways, including using DDU, safemode, different versions, reset the CMOS, cleaned out dust as much as I could, got all Windows updates, discharged the rig by holding pwr button, disabling/changing antivirus, etc. I plan on reinstalling my OS (Win 7) when I get my stick, but until then:

I would like to run some hardware diagnostic tool on my pc, and I wonder if anyone can recommend a free tool that might give some valuable information that can tell if my GPU is failing? Windows own "perfmon /report" only showed me that a Plug and Play test & a Graphical unit test failed, but that doesnt say much to me.

Appreciate it
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