Question Graphics card not detected (GTX 1050ti 4 gb MSI 1 fan)

Mar 29, 2020
Good day,

I recently formatted my PC and reinstalled windows 7. Everything is working fine except for my graphics card which is not detecting. I have tried installing the nvidia drivers but it keeps on failing. I have checked in the BIOS and even disabled the integrated graphics and only run from my GPU. The fan is working but there is no lights on the GPU (not sure if there should be) The thing is I don't understand it worked perfectly fine until I formatted my PC can someone please advise?


Jan 27, 2017
Since you just installed windows 7. The easiest thing to do is to try and install it again.

Note that Installing old versions of windows can often lead to various issues even this problem where the graphics card is not being recognized. If your graphics card is not being detected after installing an older version of windows, try reinstalling that Version again or try installing a newer version of windows.

Also is worth saying that:
  • Mainstream support for Windows 7 ended on January 13, 2015. This means that no new Service Packs are coming for Windows 7, and no new features will be added to the operating system.
  • Extended Support lasted until January 14, 2020. That’s the date Microsoft will stopped issuing vital new security updates for Windows 7.
This means it’s not safe to keep using Windows 7 after January 14, 2020, after that point any and all zero-day exploits will never be patched on your machine, meaning would-be attackers can easily compromise the system using any number of well-documented exploits.

Having said that, your computer will keep working. No one is going to force you to stop using Windows 7. You’ll just be more vulnerable to attackers and cybercriminals.