Question Graphics Card not working at full capacity

May 15, 2019
Hello I have a Radeon RTX 580 8gb graphics card. I have noticed that when I play games that my frame rate has decreased in some low demanding areas of the game but not in high demanding areas. To clarify I have a 144hz monitor and set all my max frame rates in games to 144 fps but I have noticed that when I am doing something that is not very GPU intensive the GPU only works at around 20-30% capacity and I get frame rates of 70-80 when I would usually get a solid 144fps. I decided to go on MInecraft which is not a very GPU intensive game and I also get very poor frame rates at times and when I look at my task manager I only see that mu GPU is working at around 30-40% capacity when I should see a solid 144fps and see that it works at around 70-80% like it has done previously. I don't believe that any of my other hardware is holding back my GPU as both my CPU and RAM are also both working at below 50% capacity according to task manager. It's strange that when the GPU is forced to work hard then it does and gives me the propper frame rates that I am used to but when it is not being forced to work at its maximum then It really slacks off, I would really appreciate if anyone has any idea why this is happening. I did a stress test and the base clock for my GPU is 1365hz and when I stress tested my GPU at 100% capacity it said the clock was only around 1240hz not sure if that has anything to do with it.

FYI my GPU driver is up to date.
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