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Question Graphics card not working

Aug 16, 2019
Hi, I have recently been replacing my pc by taking some of my old parts and creating an relatively new pc.

I completely rebuilt my pc by putting all in a new case, motherboard, CPU, RAM and SSD. I only kept my graphics card which is a gigabyte gtx 1060 and my 1tb HDD of which’s data I am going to transfer to a new SSD.

I have completed my build, however, when I plug the HDMI from my graphics card, it emits no image to the monitor, however when I remove the graphics care(only) and plug it into the motherboard, it does show my normal operating system booting on my HDD(as specified). Even when I plug in the graphics card, it’s fans start spinning etc but still no image.

I reinstalled it several times, I should have the driver since it’s on the HDD along with my OS. I checked on PC part picker for compatibility which has returned as being fine.

Do I need to do something for the BIOS or anything else’s?
Any help would be much appreciated — thanks in advance.

My pc’s specifications are:
ASRock B365M PRO4 Intel B365 1151 Micro ATX 4 DDR4 CrossFire VGA DVI HDMI B365M PRO4
Intel i5 9700 3.7 ghz 6 core
500w power supply