Graphics card overvolting problem


Mar 20, 2010
I am having a constant problem with my graphics card. Whenever I play a game (like wow or crysis) my screen will eventually go black for a few seconds and then come back. As time progresses, this happens more and more. Eventually the screen will go black for a full minute before it recovers. The tech support guys keep telling me that my 12 volt readings are high. The readings that I am getting are 12.35 across the board. I have tried replacing both the power supply and my graphics card but it continues to happen. My graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 285 BFG tech graphics card and I am using windows vista 32 bit. My current power supply is a BFG Tech 1000 watt power supply. Can anyone help me?
If it's this one, it's a very god PSU

This one, not very good

12.35 is almost a 3% variation, well w/i the ATX spec of 5% ... though IMO, too much for a high quality PSU. The LS1000 never wavered outside of 12.10 to 12.18 in jonnyguru's test

have you tried trying to isolate the problem by running any torture tests ? I'd suggest running OCCT's battery of test and reviewing the graphs afterwards for any temperature / voltage anomalies.