Question "Graphics card physically removed" error while gaming

Nov 30, 2019
Over the last 3-4 weeks Apex Legends has been crashing my system throwing me out. Lately the error I receive is that the graphics card has been physically removed, but from time to time I have to restart the PC, and when going into the reliability history the cause of the crash is LiveKernelEvent 141 witout any more information. Sometimes I get thrown out after 5 minutes of gaming, but sometimes I can game for 3-4 hours before it happens. The issue has not happened outside of gaming so far.

This has also happened when playing Modern Warfare.

What I have tried so far in chronological order: - I have reinstalled Nvidia drivers (Geforce Experience) - I have changed my motherboard - I have reinstalled windows and all drivers onto a new SSD (from SATA-based to NVMe) - I have changed to a new PSU (to higher wattage) - I have changed to new DRAM - I have tried several GPU's and the issues still occur

At some point I expected this to be a component issue causing the problem, but now I have almost changed out the entire PC and am getting pretty frustrated when my PC keeps crashing in game...

I ran Furmarks stresstest for 30 minutes without any issues, and the GPU reaching only 74 degress Celcius max.

Does anyone have a similar experience, and what did you do to solve the crashes?

My current setup: - Corsair RM750x - ASUS Prime Z270H - Intel i7 6700 - Kingston A2000 1TB - HyperX Fury RGB 2666MHz 16GB Kit of 2 - ASUS Dual 2080ti - Games installed on a Samsung QVO 1TB

Any help appreciated!