Question graphics card runs properly but games aren't getting as much fps as it used to my gpu is an nvidia mx 230 ....

Mar 31, 2020
hello i have an acer aspire 5 laptop which has the following components
8 Gb ram
intel cori5 8th gen
nvidia mx230 2 gb graphics card
....with this gpu i was able to play most triple a title games such as gta-5, assassin's creed unity, apex legends , mafia 3, batman arkham knight with 720p resolution and always got more than 30 fps but suddenly one day my games started lagging a lot...then when i checked i was getting only 5-6 fps . since then i am always getting 5-6 fps .
things i have tried so far
  1. all my nvidia and intel drivers are up to date
  2. i have all kinds of AVG such as malware bytes, avast there are no threats on my laptop
  3. my default gpu is set to nvidia
  4. tried game booster doesn't help
  5. installled a new windows didn't help with that problem too
....i have tried everything i can my graphics card runs but it is not giving it's full perfomace...i don't know how to fix this please someone help