Question Graphics card showing no video and bios settings getting reset (new cmos battery)


May 18, 2017
My pc is having some problem to which I cannot properly understand which component of my pc has defects

The problem is when I connect my monitor vga cable to graphics card port it does not show any video or image. The screen lights up.. But It remains black. Also I can hear sound of windows booting up and rest evrything is fine but video doesn't SHOWS.
I TRIED Using windows navigator to try and install display driver from device manager and when I navigated to device manager blindly with the help of speaker, I came to know there is no display adapter option 😱😱. I tried adding it by going to actions>add legacy hardware and selecting display adapter from the options. But the problem is on selecting display adapter options the next step is to select the standard or whatever and I get only one option that is Microsoft remote display driver which I tried searching and updating drivers but no success.. The display remained bright black.

And when I connect my monitor input to the on board vga cable of motherboard the pc boots up just fine shows video audio both

So what could it mean.. Is my graphics card having some problems or my motherboard? My motherboard bios settings keeps on resetting.. I changed the Cmos baterry its new.. Still the settings keeps on resetting every time I reboot my system

Pls help me understand what exactly is wrong with my pc

MY specs
Mobo :Asus m5A78Lmxv2
Processor : amd phenom x3 720
Graphics card : nvidia gtx 650
Psu: zebronics 450 W power supply
WD 250Gb SSD and 500GB HDD