Question Graphics Card Upgrade Help Please


Oct 22, 2009
I built this system over 5 years ago. To start of here is the system specs I have.

CoolMaster HAF932 Advanced
Corsair HX750 watt
GeForce GTX770 2GB
GSkill Ares 16GB (2 8GB Sticks)
ASUS Maximus VI Hero
Intel i5 4670K Haswell Quad-Core 3.4GHz
2 x ASUS VG248QE Monitors

It's an older system by today's standards but it has been stellar for what I needed. Today I go to sit down and the monitors come on but it says no HDMI output available. I dont have any spare parts anymore or I would have put in a different graphics card. I tested the power supply every plug is putting out what it should. I emptied the case and did a thorough cleaning not that it needed it but did it anyways. Blew out the little dust that was in the case. Reassembled everything and am getting the same problem. The mobo slot for the graphics card looks fine as with all the hardware for the system. Everything was fine yesterday in fact last night the last thing I did was shut the computer down and the screensaver was running. This is leading me to believe that my graphics card may have crapped out on me. My question for you all is your thoughts about it being a graphics card issue and if so what would your thoughts be for a replacement for my system without running into any bottlenecking? I'm in the USA and won't be able to afford anything like the 2060.