Graphics card won't fasten??


Sep 17, 2009
Don't get me wrong, it'll fasten, but there is this retardedly small issue that has been headaches for me because, well, I know nothing about hardware (granted I know a lot more now after doing some research about the source of my problem).

As it stands, My only safe assumption is this. I have an antec 900 case, witha Intel DP45 Mobo. THe problem is that with the way the board fits in the case, the top PCI-E slot doesn't line up close enough to the edge of the case, so the tabs don't line up properly. As such, I have to push my card towards the outside of the case slightly in order to screw it in. Because of this extra pressure put on the card, it eventually shifts out of place, causing an electrical short on my board within a few hours, which stops my system from working entirely for a few hours...

I've tried this with more than one card, (Radeon 4670 and 4890) and strangely enough, this only happens with the top slot. The card in the bottom PCI slot works great.

Now I've tried a bunch of things, like just not fastening the card leaving it as the slot just holds the card, or putting my case down sideways, but with my screen port plugged in the back, it won't hold up properly cause of its own weight and ends up shifting out of place.

I've thought about just adjusting the mobo, but shift of drilling different hols in the side of my PC case...

Can I just slap on some fun-tak and there ya go? Hell, I'd even duct tape my card to the side of my PC it it would work.

Any ideas on how I can get this done?


Apr 8, 2009
maybe u could find some thin material with 2 screw holes that will connect to both parts?? i dont recommend adhering it because glue/tape tends to give and it will eventually shift out of place again... maybe a zip tie might work too? are u sure your motherboard is in correctly?