Graphics Card Won't Work


Nov 12, 2012
Hey -

I'm a first time builder and so far everything is going great with my PC - system boots, I've installed Windows 8, etc. but I am running my displays off the Intel 4000.

I recently received the below graphics card:

When I installed it on the PCI 3.0 in my motherboard (ASRock Z75 Pro 3), the fan on the card went on. However, a signal is not sent from the card to the monitors. I returned the card, received another one, and am having the same issues. I have troubleshooted by doing the following:

1) Systems>Devices on Windows does not detect any "Other Devices." It does not detect my graphics card at all.

2) Power connector is in the card - fan runs when the computer is running. However, my card does only have one power input, and the instruction manual shows 2 - not sure if that's an issue.

3) I installed the card in my PCI 2.0 slot as well, just to see if it works. Does not run/is not detected in that slot either.

4) I installed the driver prior to installing my card.

5)I am using the same connectors to my Intel 4000 sockets as I am to the graphics card, so it shouldn't be an issue with the connectors or monitors.

I am at wits end on this issue. Before I return this for the second time, I just want to make sure I troubleshoot it thoroughly. My only guess is that either 1) My card is bad, 2) I accidentally damaged the cards when installing, or 3) I am not pushing the card in all the way into the slot (I don't hear a click, but I do push it down quite firmly and it feels snug to the touch - however, there is some strange sliding plastic thing on the end of the PCI slot - not sure if that's interfering in any way )

I am using the Intel I7 Ivy Bridge processor, and my power supply is more than ample to handle the card (650 watts).

Any thoughts?




Make and model of your power supply?