Graphics card works fine in XP but not in WINDOWS 7!!


Dec 19, 2009
I had a problem where i had a couple symptoms with black screen, blinking cursors and so on. The first symptom was when installing Windows 7. After the first boot during installation at completing installation phase the screen would go black with a blinking cursor. Solution to that was after first reboot on setup to go to device manager in safemode and disable the video card. Then the next problem was when setup was done and i installed the NVIDIA drivers for my 9800 gx2 and it would ask to restart basically my PC would freeze on starting windows screen because there was the conflict with my video card again. (the same conflict when it was completing installation the Windows 7 setup) I tried seeing if this would happen on XP but it didnt. When i formatted and installed the NVIDIA Drivers and the PC restarted it worked fine. So its leaving me really pissed off and miserable considering now i have to shop for a crazy expensive card being the freak that i am and even worst i cant even sell the card now because if they have Windows 7 they will get f*** over. Even if they had XP maybe eventually they will upgrade and notice the card doesnt work on windows 7. TO set the record for you other people that havnt read my other threads at one point i had Windows 7 working fine with my card until one day half asleep my PC was on and i did a hard shutdown without doing it from start menu. So the point of this thread for all u computer Wizzys do yall know how in the world its possible for my video card to be fine on XP but not windows 7? is there some kind of messed up settings part of the video card that need to be reset or something ? That doesnt even seem like it makes sense. I almost forgot to say that tpday i went out to staples to buy a temporary gfx card to see if it would work on windows 7 and it did. So something was wrong with windows 7 and my 9800 gx2. PLease give me some ideas before i purchase another gfx card. Thank yall! :??: