Jeremy Mote

Nov 2, 2012
So My plan is to put an HD 7870 in a mid-atx case (antec 300 to be exact)


HD 7870
Antec 300

now, considering that I'll only ever have two hard drives in there, I am perfectly willing to cut out a section of the HDD racks if necessary. I just hope it isn't. my question here is will it fit, and if it won't, are there any similarly priced full-size cases? (budget for case is up to 75 USD and requires USB 3.0)

any suggestions on the path I should take?


Feb 5, 2009
I bought a Sentey Case They are inexpensive and have plenty of space, i spent 70 bucks on my case and it comes with cool blue leds on the fans which looks very cool

i was just measuring the new card i bought the msi 7950 wich is 2x bigger than the msi 6670 i have now and fits perfectly.

With the board i have it won't fit because the sata ports are aligned vertically but i bought a new board that has them horizontally and that does the trick.

Hope it helps