Question graphics cards for 6 monitor setup.


Apr 19, 2021
Hi, I am planning on building a new computer soon. I currently have a 6 monitor setup with 2 Nvidia NVS 510 cards each running 3 monitors. This has served me well for many years as I only do office related tasks. Lately though I have had several needs for video editing and 3D modeling. If you know anything about those cards, you know you will not be doing any video work on them. :p

I want to go with the 3090 or maybe the new 40 series if I wait long enough. I understand that they cannot run 6 monitors on a single card. So here is the question....Do I need two of these cards to run all 6 monitors and have the 3090 performance on all monitors? Or, Can I have one 3090 and the 510 with all monitors benefiting from the 3090? I am sure the answer is whatever card the monitor is plugged into is the level of performance it will see, but I was trying to get out cheaper. Also I am worried about thermal performance with two of those big cards in a case.

If the GPU is being used for processing. Such as converting a video file or a rendering station. The monitor you are interacting with the program may be on a different card than the GPU doing the work.

For something where the work is directly outputted (such as gaming). The monitor would need to be connected to the GPU. This may not be necessary either. But I'm pretty sure it is required.

Be sure to set your preferred GPU for hardware acceleration.