Question graphics cards in the hand of gamers made easy

Jul 18, 2021
What you need to ensure fairness is ensure the gamers get the cards. Who has data that proves the you are a gamer - Steam. Who has a PC to run games and does not have a steam account?

Steam issue a graphics card passport - based on the fact you are a gamer and have been buying games for years. They could even charge an amount which is then take off the cost opf the card.

Steam accounts are often linked diretcly to Paypal accounts which verifyt name and address.

The passport could be unique so it can only be used once and then you have to apply for another.

Steam have the data and the community interest to make this happen.

Tell me why I'm wrong! would this work?


Jul 13, 2020
I’ll tell you why it won’t work, because you can never stop scalpers. This has been going on for at least the 20 yrs. Anyone remember the Playstation 2? If you a gauge on why you can’t stop scalpers is that the Steam Deck is already being listed on Ebay for 2-3x MSRP. Steam tried to implement anti-scalping measures and it hasn’t stopped the scalpers.

The best way to stop scalpers is NOT to buy their goods. Let them sit on their inventory and take a loss. That’s the best way to stop this stuff but today in our instant gratification society, people will happily spend their stimulus checks on a Playstation 5 from a scalper on Ebay.


Nov 22, 2016
Cheaters always find a way to cheat. It doesn't matter what you do. The scalper simply pays 100 people to reserve video cards, and then puts them on ebay when they come in. If you think this isn't possible, look at all the groups in China and Korea that get together to farm in game currencies and items in just about every game in existence. When you have hundreds of people farming, you can make a fortune. The scalpers will do the same thing.
Jul 18, 2021
One advntage of a steam passport is that steam also knows you are installing and using the card, steam also have key incentive over card man ufacturers because they are all about gaming.

Manufacturers may see the $$$ but people will not stop gaming thye will go to consoles or streamed gaming, so they are shooting themselves in the foot if they think selling foshort term games has value.
I would not use Steam, haven’t bought a game from them in years as they either haven’t been getting the games I’m interested in or the Steam version of the game doesn’t support crossplay. I can see why people don’t have steam and how do you stop the scalpers from setting up a Steam account and few games? Would also make Steam a bigger target for hacking user accounts.

This idea is very flawed. I also agree with USARFRet, I would not want Steam in control of this.
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