Jun 8, 2012
Hey guys,

Earlier this morning I turned on my computer, and when I came back the screen was frozen and none of my peripherals were detected. I then reset my computer, and it simply kept resetting itself after turning on for about 10 seconds, without showing the bios flash screen. I then knew it was a graphics card issue since I've had the exact same problem before. I then unplugged the PCI-E power, and used Intel Graphics 4000 to just resume the work I was going to do, planning on reinstalling drivers later. About 5 mins into my work, the entire screen goes pixelated, and the graphics crash again. This time on the Intel 4000. Now when I try restarting my computer with the 4k graphics it does the same s before, just turns on and off.

Can anybody give some advice?

ASRock Extreme4 LGA1155
MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 560 Ti
Crucial M4
Seasonic 550w PSU

Edit: A few days prior to this happening I was getting 306.97 driver crashes, which also occurred the first time I had this issue.

Edit 2: I just took the card out of it's PCI-E slot and moved it to another PCI-E slot, my computer managed to boot into safe mode however as I was about to delete the graphics drivers the computer shut itself down again. Now I can't even see the bios flash screen.