Graphics driver problem,Lavender hue on screen

Jan 10, 2019
I hope I may get some ideas as to what is going on with my system here. This may be something unique to me or maybe someone else has had the same problem. I am mainly a single player gamer. I play a lot of the more recent games but I like to visit some of the older ones now and then. I have recently been playing Fallout 4, Mass Effect Series, Crysis Series, and Men of War AS2. I decided to go back and play some Half Life and that is when the problem showed up.

After playing for a couple of hours I exited the game and my screen took on a lavender hue. I have reinstalled graphics drivers (new and old) uninstalled card and reinstalled, lavender doesn’t go away. I had this same problem a few months ago with a different card and thought I had a bad card, but now it is back again.

My current system
Asus P8P67 Deluxe
Asus R9-290X Direct CUII 4 GB
16GB G Skill PC3 12800
Corsair RM750I PS
I7 3770
TCL 32” TV
Win 10 home
My other set up with the same problem was
P8Z77 VE Plus
Asus ROG RX570 O4G Gaming OC Edition

Rest of components the same.
Prior to this is using 2 Asus Direct CU 7870 2 GB in crossfire and had no problem. Reason I changed was Fallout 4 would keep crashing.
Sorry for such a long post but I want to get back to gaming.