Question Graphics Drivers Crashing Tried All Common Solutions HELP!

Feb 14, 2021
Intel i7-7700k
Asus Z170-A
EVGA GTX 1070ti
750w Power Supply
16GB of ram

I recently changed my GPU from a 970 to a 1070ti. The 1070ti was running perfectly fine for about a week before the graphics drivers started crashing on every game I played. The crashes occurred at seemingly random times, from the menus to actual gameplay and usually before a crash there would be slight graphical errors.
Things I have tried:
GPU temps are normal and do not seem to be the issue
Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers using geforce experience.
Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers using DDU and downloading drivers from NVIDIA's website
Rolling back drivers 2 times (as in 2 updates back)
Changing which slot the GPU is inserted in in the mobo
Changing 8-pin that goes into the gpu
Changing TDR Delay
Using Afterburner and Precision to lower the clock on the GPU
Possibly others that I cannot remeber

Using DDU seemed to be somewhat effective, as with other solutions I would maybe get 10 seconds of playing before it crashed, but with DDU I could sometimes get it to not crash for a couple of hours. I recently switched back to the 970 which is working completely fine on all games. I have an open ticket with NVIDIA as well