[SOLVED] Graphics drivers lowered the temps?


Feb 27, 2018
So I'm not even sure if that actually happened but my EVGA 2060 Super SC Ultra was running around 65-67 when playing most of the games that I have but after this past driver update, 466.27, it seems that the temps have lowered pretty dramatically. I ran the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Borderlands 3, and 3DMark Time Spy benchmarks at 1440p, albeit they have different in-game settings I know, and not one of them got the temp above 60. Am I hallucinating or is this actually a thing that can happen? Zero FPS problems and I was able to turn DX12 back on for Borderlands without it telling me I didn't have enough vRAM at 8 gigs.

I just want to also point out that I have 2x120mm case fans under my graphics card to help blow air into the graphics card and I had those in a pretty high curve before and I just wanted to randomly test thermals with them off vs on and I don't think I need them on anymore.

Has anyone else seen something like this happen or have I not ben seeing the correct number on my temp monitor? Using Argus Monitor btw and it's up-to-date.