Jan 15, 2013
Hey guys,

I recently purchased some new computer parts, well practically a new computer.
A new motherboard, CPU, PSU and case.

All of which i used to upgrade my previous dell desktop, a XPS 8100.
More rather built my new PC with the scraps from the 8100.
Dell, simply put, screwed me. Which is normal, they're a company that's needs money.

But when i used it, i played all the newest games on High - Max settings.
So i didn't really care. So in my new system, i'm using my previous HD Radeon 5770 and RAM. (HDD and CD-DVD drive)

When i bought my new CPU i just left my old one in the previous desktop so all i really need is a new graphics to have it going again.

Here's where its gets tricky,
Also take into consideration i did it some how, its possible.

I ran Diablo III in high with only 350 watts!
I don't know how dell set that up...

Here's My Old Setup
Intel 1st Gen i5 650 "Clarkdale" Duel-Core.
HD Radeon 5770
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Offbrand Ram Nyan or something like that
350 Watt PSU
Dell motherboard i could care less about
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM drive

So i need a graphics card that would run Diablo III in Medium to High for 25 - 75 bucks
Its an awful price range, i know, but why would i spend more for just Diablo?
Nothing fancy, its for a older relative who just plays Diablo and Solitaire in their down time.

Any help you guys can offer would be great!



Jan 15, 2013
The 7750 is a good idea, But the least amount of money spent the better. :p
I was looking at this but cant find a solid bench on it. Any thoughts?


I did look on future-mark, but honestly i don't know how to read that site.
When i go to games it gives you a yes or no answer to whether or whether not the card will run the game but the answer is always dramatically incorrect.

For example it lists my card the 5770 as not being able to run Dishonored in minimal requirements but I've completed that game twice in ultra.