Question Graphics freezing when attempting to play games on new build

Jan 24, 2021
Hi all.

I’ve built a few PC’s back in the day and thought I’d give it another go as my MacBook has seen better days and my girlfriend keeps burning her legs trying to play The Sims! Build went well enough and everything booted up but the graphics keep glitching in an almost chequered pattern, display freezes up and screen goes black before a driver timeout message. I managed to get some games playing by reducing the clock speed frequency in the AMD software and by games I mean like Planet Zoo and The Sims, not particularly demanding titles. The problem seems to be getting worse and I’ve just had the screen go black requiring a reboot.

Ive tried updating windows, updated the BIOS and used DDU for a fresh driver install. I heard the PSU could be an issue so I’ve upgraded. I assume the card is at fault here but not sure how to prove and want to cover all basis before returning and being told there’s nothing wrong with it!

The only weird thing aside from the crashing is that GPU utilisation in the AMD metrics often says it’s at 100% even though task manager reckons a few percent at most. When the dreaded black screen occurs it closes the AMD software wiping the metrics so it’s hard to know what’s going on at the time. The temp never really gets above 60c and idles at around 50c

Full spec is:

ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Motherboard
Ryzen 5 2600 6 core 3.4GHz
Corsair Vengance RGB pro 16Gb (2x 8Gb)
MSI Radeon RX 580
Corsair RM850x (850W) PSU
Windows 10 64 Bit

Any suggestions for faulting this are greatly appreciated as I’ve never had this issue before and have reached the limits of my knowledge.

Thanks in advance
Artifacts, lines, discoloration etc are signs of a faulty/dying GPU. As you already did, lowering the clocks for core and especially memory, will make it better or go away but only for a small amount of time.

Since you tried many things that would have been possible faults, you are only left with RMA, if you still have warranty.