Question Graphics intel disabled

May 29, 2020
I really need help. I was so stupid and I only had one intel graphics card. I disabled it not knowing it would not function without it. The problem is when I turn on my laptop, the screen is on but it's so shattered and broken so it's connected to my tv and when I start the laptop it doesn't show on tv so I can't reset anything. I've been googling and watching videos and I've taken out the battery and took everything plugged away. I've turned the laptop on and off and I still don't know what to do. If there's a way to enable my intel graphics and get the laptop displaying on my tv screen please please help me.
This is going to be difficult.
You will have to find another system with intel graphics make your settings,like I guess what you want is clone display,and extract it as a registry file.
After that you would somehow have to blindly double click on the registry and enter to apply it,because autorun will probably be turned off so you can't use that.
You can use a command to add registry files so pressing the windows key + r will give you a run window and there you can type in the drive letter your usb has plus the command.

Example, e:\reg import clonedisplay.reg