Question graphics quadro P5200 is compatible for msi GT70?

May 15, 2022
I have the option of acquiring a quadro p5200, than a gtx1080 mobile with lower frequencies but with 16gb of vram to have 100w of consumption instead of 150w, I was able to test a gtx1060 a day after updating the bios, from what I could also see you can use if I'm not mistaken the quadro p3000, p4000 and p5000, in theory it's the same operation :unsure:
What you NEED to do is contact MSI technical support and ask them, because laptops are not like desktops. Even those that will allow you to physically change the graphics card inside won't necessarily support a broad range of cards unless it's it's a laptop model that had sub-models that came with the specific card model you want to change to. The reason is, they have very limited BIOS/Firmware compared to desktops. And generally speaking, unless you can find SPECIFIC proof of somebody having put a certain card model in a given laptop, the only way to know for certain is to contact their technical support department because that is not something that they tend to share or advertise since in reality they don't want people poking around under the hood to begin with.

And to be clear, most Quadro graphics cards have very little in common with gaming cards, especially on older models. So just because a laptop can support a graphics card from a certain generation doesn't necessarily mean it will support a workstation card from the same timeframe. It must be supported in the BIOS or it will not work.