Graphics upgrade - newby question


Aug 26, 2009
running a Integrated a t i radeon H D 3200 graphics. need to run 4 monitors.Have 1 p c i - E and two pci cards. Installed a g force 9500 g t into the p c i slot but will not run with the a t i card. What cards will run with the 9500 in the p c i slot or what two narrow profile cards will work in the other two p c i slot's? sorry for the crazy look but the spell ck wouldn't accept it. thanks to all.


I assume your running Vista? Vista only loads one graphics driver, and all cards have to use that driver. If your running vista, you can load both the AMD driver needed for the 3200, and the Nvidia driver needed for the 9500. Sell the 9500 and get an AMD card. Make sure its new enough to use the same driver the 3200 is using. That or you can switch to XP/win 7 which doesn't have this problem.