i wanna buy a graphics card....wat and al aspects shud i keep in mind for buying a graphics card?
start with your mb and the video slot that it has. some are pci/some are agp. the next is the size of the power supply in your pc.
look at the wattage on the 12v rails and amps. you cant install a high end gpu on a low wattage power supply.
look at the cpu you have in your system. the older it is it going to bottleneck some of these newer cards.
it the fps your looking for and the games you want to play. some gaming cards are better $$$ then others.
amd 7800/7700.

nag shankar

Jan 4, 2013
for gaming purpose,my budget is around 2k-3k (35$-55$),i have AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core,asus motherboard,hav no problm with power supply,its well more thn enough...pls tel me now

I wouldn't look at it as a determining factor for buying a graphics card. Its teraFLOPS. It's a term that is normally used with computing power so I would say unless you are looking into that I would look towards other things when looking for a card.
Well yea benchmarks are a more in depth look at cards in general. If you look at a card on the basis of looking things to look at would be memory, memory bandwidth, core clock, and graphic card ports but yea when in doubt benchmarks for games/applications.