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See the THG Hierarch Chart - the last column shows the Intel integrated video models including the Intel X4500 and to the left you can see the comparble video cards. All the ones listed at its level were discontinued years ago. You have to go up 8 steps to get to the GT 520 which is todays low end card - and it is for general use only and not 3D gaming.

For information about low-end non-gaming vide cards, take a look at this website:

Note that it includes a brief discussion of integrated video cards as well as low-end non-gaming cards. It would be helpful if we had the answer to greg's question - what applications or games do you want to run?
Just get a decent card for your budget and needs to save your self the headache and trouble. Intel GMA has since the late 90s have always been very terrible when it came to performance and for gaming their drivers often are crap. For laptop I can understand there being limited options but if a desktop you got no excuse. Even for HTPC use Intel GMA like the 4500 is like trying to go 60mph in a Yugo, it just doesn't happen. Hell even a 8400gs will give this a run for it's money and it is one of the weakest cards that money can buy.

GT520 would be a LOT better than Intel GMA 4500.


Aug 28, 2011
it's an integrated.

1. it's terrible
2. it cant even stream HD videos properly
3. I get stuttering watching 480p videos with them

1. get a discrete graphics card if u are into gaming
2. Read more about graphics cards and Graphics Processors, Intel has been known to suck there

1. What are u doing with ur system ?
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