Grapic Card Upgrade...or not?


Jan 2, 2013
I have three 580's hydrocopper and was thinking about getting either dual 690's or trip 680's watercooled. Should i go ahead with the upgrade or just wait for the next gen of cards? I always want the best, but don't want to upgrade and 4 months down the road something new is out. Any input would be appreciated.
Well firstly let me ask what games do you currently play? Also are you running a multiple display setup?

Reason I ask is two 580's are still in my opinion quite overkill in most scenario's. The new graphic cards will probably start showing up Q'2 I would think of this year I know there is a article showing this somewhere I'll try and find it. Yea I'm looking around people are saying no sooner then March. And also the same from the AMD camp.