[SOLVED] Great pc - Terrible upgrade potential


Jun 24, 2018
Ordered a new rig which landed yesterday. I had salvaged some bits from old machine which I intended to use

Ryzen 5 3600 (will do for 12 month - Could justify price of 5000 series and don't need it frankly)
B450M MB
16 gig (3000mz) memory
RTX 3070 8gb card.

I called them beforehand to make sure there would be available ram slots. He checked up and said yes. Great as I have 2x8gb (3000mhz). It said windows compatible whereas some of the other said Windows 10 installed. So went out and purchased a licence.

So a nice looking machine arrived. and Win 10 was installed. Waste of a licence
Go to fit memory first - No extra slots. Great. Will have to sell my extra stuff to buy 32
I have a nice sound blaster card which I wanted to use instead of the onboard sound. Not a single PCI slot free . I have neve seen that in my life and have probably owned about 8 and seen about 100. I know the GPU takes up a few but surely there needs to be an extra slot or two for a dedicated gaming PC

Really annoyed particularly at the ram and sound thing as I don't want a gaming machine with onboard sound! So having to use a stereo cable to connect to my sound bar

Thinking of sending it back but its such a hassle. Any clever ideas for sorting sound? Also installed my old SSD which isn't being picked up but will check that again. Have a 1tb ssd main which will fill up fairly quick and don't want to use IDE anywhere. Have a 500gb SSD so that will give me some breathing space

Is there any clever way I can get decent digital optical sound, don't mind spending more money
Ram I will just have to buy as and when

Not very good service really - Do you think this is worthy of a complaint? As I purchased through Amazon the specs were basic, hence why I called about the ram. Never ever thought to ask about the PCI slots
Not having a dig but worth mentioning 'research before you buy.' I mean, if you wanted to add these extra components, surely it's a good idea to make sure the motherboard can facilitate the things you want to add? But im sure someone on here can suggest some advice for you whether or not if it's possible to add the things you want, good luck!
Mixing RAM would have been a gamble anyway, there is no guarantee the 2 sets of RAM would have worked and/or been stable. As for pcie that depends on the exact gpu and motherboard choices. There are many external USB devices that can give optical out. I have one of these which I managed to pick up 2nd hand but with a 2 year warranty from the store for £135. https://uk.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-x7#feature-section-5
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