Great Spec's On My New Build... But bad 3dmark11 scores... Why? :(


Feb 8, 2006
Hey there everyone! So I recently just built a new build of mine that I'm very pleased with. Finally it was time to run a benchmark or two and I go to run 3dmark 11 and get dismal scores in comparison to others with my same set up specs wise. I'm more then a little distraught you could say... Now my specs are as follows: intel 2500k @stock (soon to be overclocked), 8gb of G.Skill sniper ram, SLI EVGA "superclocked" 580's, an ASROCK p67 extreme 4 gen3, with a Cooler Master v6 cooling the 2500k, an Antec 1200 watt power supply, and all of this is wrapped up in a full tower cooler master HAF X.

I believe I have updated all my drivers to the current ones available so why the poor performance in comparison to others with a similar set up? Here is my overall score, P9274. According to the graph I am one of 16 others who have gotten a score in the 9000's with this set up, while the majority (366 users) have scored in the 1100's... Is it possible that I need to overclock my cpu in order to rid myself of any cpu bottleneck that could be the issue with my SLI 580's which EVGA has bumped up a little bit due to the "superclock"? I would appreciate any suggestions you guys may have regarding this issue, don't want my new pride and joy to be underperforming :( especially with the Battlefield 3 beta almost upon us!

Thanks fellas!