Question Great Speeds on Google Fiber test but Wifi is still bad

Aug 7, 2022
Hello, I've been having some wifi issues recently. I use ethernet and I have my ethernet cord connected to my extender. The extender is a TP-Link AC2600. I get download speeds and upload speeds of about 130+ on the google fiber speed test website, but my websites have been loading slowly, videos are laggy or don't play at all, and I'm having lag issues on the games I'm playing too. Not really sure what do, I've restarted my wifi, moved the extender, changed the ethernet cable, updated everything, tried using a vpn and nothing seems to be helping.
What you are basically doing is hooking up a wifi nic to your machine via ethernet. You still have a wifi hop in the path so you suffer all the same kinds of issues as any other wifi connection. Not sure why you would see lag in video when you get good download speeds. Maybe you have a issue that is more random. Games tend to have lots of issues with a wifi connection because of the variations in the ping/latency. This is why it is recommended to never play online games on any kind of wifi.

What you have really isn't much different than a USB connected nic except the ethernet cable can be longer. Maybe try to move the extender closer to the router to get a better signal.

The best option is going to be to run a ethernet cable all the way to the router. If that is not a option you might consider MoCA devices if you have coax cables in both location. You can also consider powerline networks. The units with 1000 or 2000 number should get about the speed you currently see on your wifi...some houses they unfortunately are slower. Powerline has a much more consistent latency than wifi.