Question Green and Pink pixels on new monitor ?

Sep 8, 2020
I have just received a new monitor and when I started the problem was not there (It was set to 1366x768@60hz) When I changed it to 1080p@144hz the issue arose. There were green pixels in areas with black and sometime pink pixels in white areas. I instantly thought I had handled it too rough or I had been shipped a defective monitor but when I set it too 60hz there were less green and pink pixels and at 50hz there were only green pixels on some black backgrounds. I plugged the monitor into a ps4(1080p@24hz) and there were no green pixels. This lead me to believe it was the HDMI(PNY 1650 does not have a DP) So I switched out the cords to no avail. I even bought a 21.0 GBps hdmi cable but the problem is still present to a lesser extent. So I just wanted to ask if there was anything else I could try before I return the monitor.