Question Green Checkerboard lines?

Aug 26, 2019
Hello, i have a GTX 1080 Graphics card. I also have a triple monitor setup. I was playing a game of Overwatch when suddenly it froze, popped up green lines in a checkerboard pattern, and it is only showing signal on one monitor. i have it well kept up, very clean, drivers updated. I dont know what to do from here. Bought the card new a couple years ago. How do i go about trouble shooting?

UPDATE: I have taken the graphics card out. the computer is working 100% fine. So, I know what the issue is. Now, I would just like to know, where do I go next? Is my graphics card fried? How would this happen, my temperatures were okay and i was running very good frames on my game before this happened. Any advice would be appreciated. thank you !
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Yes, from your description, those are the signs of "artifacts". Most probably a GPU VRAM issue. But first, can you post a picture/screenshot of this issue ? Or, can you check your GPU on some other PC as well ?

Provide FULL PC specs.