Question Green glitches on screen and PC freezes, plus gpu fan revving issues ?


May 8, 2014

Firstly, my gpu has had revving up and down issues for around a month. This just randomly started happening one day. With no load to the system, the gpu would start going to max RPM to 0 and back again, for around 10-15sec, and then would stabalize. Couldn't find a solution online, Windows is updated and gpu drivers were updated, no gpu over heating. Screenshot example is provided down bellow.

Today, I was playing battlefield 4 when suddenly the screen glitched, 80% of the screen turned green in the shape of small rectangles and all audio stopped. This again happened but after just logging into windows. This again happened when I got into Battlefield 4 main menu with a crash error "The Error Message reads: DirectX function "Get DeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ("The device is hung which is typically caused by issues in the graphics driver or aternatively the application"). GPU: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770", Driver: numbers".
The freeze also happened when i was just starting my browser. I rolled back nvidia driver and reinstalled directx but nothing helped.

Example of glitches: . This is a tame example, only MSI afterburner got messed up, but other times the entire screen would turn greenish and then might turn black. This screenshots shows the gpu's activity and it's revving issues. This is with the GPU disabled in BIOS and the CPU graphics ON. However, the same happens when the 770 is the main graphics unit, not the Intel graphics. Not sure what those activity spikes are and why the fans lose control during them, even though the temperatures are safe. Another thing is that the GPU FAN% stays at 33% while the RPMs oscillate.

Not sure what's happening. I'll test the gpu with a friend's PSU to see if the power supply is the issue but im still confused to what's happening and why. Currently I'm using Intel graphics to be able to use my PC.