Question Green goo coming out of charging port.


Oct 9, 2021
Hi. I noticed a week back that my Lenovo laptop charging connector had some green liquid on it. I wiped it off, and thought nothing of it. I noticed it again today. I wiped it off, and it was again on the connector when I checked a few moments later, after I pulled it out from my laptop. I checked a few more times, and the result was the same on each check. The goo was there.

Google says: "The green substance is a combination of copper oxide and plasticiser which is conductive. Therefore, whenever this green substance is found at socket outlets etc. it should be removed and the terminations cleaned (gloves should be worn) otherwise it is possible that tracking/overheating may occur."

I see other Lenovo users have experienced this problem -

Any one know what I should do? I've only had the laptop for a year, it is still under warranty. Everything is running fine. I've had no issues with it.