Green Light, No Takeoff


Jun 12, 2009
I'm working on a friends computer that has an issue I seem to be unable to figure out. It's not a complicated thing, I just don't have the required parts to accurately test it.

Turn on the PC power switch, the green light on the front engages, but no fans kick in, no hard drives whirring, nothing. The green light on the front seems to indicate the PSU is alright (though Im not 100% sure, Im going to test a different PSU in a bit).

At first glance, could it be the motherboard? Or the PSU, could it be dead yet still able to power the green light on the front?

The rest of the components are for sure fine, I've tested RAM and drives ETC. Only parts that could stop a computer from booting cold would be PSU and motherboard, right?

Thanks in advance

Which power switch, the PSU power switch or the case power switch?

That motherboard LED is turned on by the standby power supply, a small independent, always on section of the PSU. It has nothing to do with the main power circuits that actually run the PC.