Question green pixels after video schedueler internal error bluescreen

Jan 18, 2020
Hello everyone, pretty new to this forum just looked for my problem and found some similar, but I wanted to be sure for my specific case.

Problem right now: Green angular Pixels all over my screen when windows starts up. When in Bios or the the first few secounds after booting when it shows my motherboard etc. its fine. Then it goes into windows diagnosis where I then can choose some options like restoring resetting and other troubleshooting options.

Problem started while playing Gwent the witcher cardgame. Screen froze and green dots appeard all over my screen there where smaller and had softer edges then the ones I have now. A few seconds after the freeze i get a bluescreen: video scheduler internal error bluescreen.
I then could restart the pc normaly although programms froze more often now and had the green dots again but most times i could close them and would not have a bluescreen although I got a couple anyway just not always.

In order to fix the Problem i did numerous things. First I updated my drivers, also made a scan with windows defender. (dont use any other antivirus software) Both showed/did nothing. Then I restored to a Version 3 days before the Problem occured which didnt help.
Also tried different ports for my dvi cable in my pc aswell as wigling it and checking if it fits well aswell as checking if my graphics card fits well in its slot on the motherboard. So now I figuered its either the Graphics card or something software related. Since I dont have another graphics card I tried to check software first by reinstalling win10. (thats how I solve most my pc problems...). First time i tried to keep my data but it didnt help much, then second time I cleared all data to install win10 (did all that within the installing process). it got to about 96% when I last looked, then the next time my screen got no input but my pc was still running. Left him over night but nothing changed the next morning. Since then I couldnt boot without going into windows auto repair and diagnosis screen. If I want to continue pc just restarts and the loop starts a new. I then tried to install win10 from an USB stick but again after the process is close to finished screen loses signal and pc is stil running without me able to do anything. (clicking and pressing keys on keyboard seem to trigger no reaction) I did within the usb win10 installation got asked where to install my sistem I used the same drive as I used before and fromated both my HDDs before installing it.

Now that I reached the end of my wisdom (which is basicly just reinstalling windows) I come to your forum for help. I wrote quite the text but I just dont know what is importend and what is not. Since I cant acces my PC I cant give you any logs.

Graphics Card is a gtx460
Motherboard is a ga-ma770t-ud3p Latest version was updated about 5 month ago
Processor im not quite sure but I belive its a amd phenon II triple core with 2.1 or 2.3 GHZ can remove him to check if its necessary to know for sure though.
My Pc has a large cooler in its front and CPU was always at around 40 degrees and GPU was a bit higher but always way under what internet says is too much. (think like around 50something)

I would like to know from you what my next steps should be. (remove the graphics card get an usb to dvi adapter to test with onboard graphic? Do I even have one? I believe my Motherboard does not.)
if you need any more information ask so please.

Many thanks in advance, Oediepus