Question Green screen when the graphic drivers installed.

Apr 19, 2020
So I have been having problems with my gpu or possibly my psu. For the last three days I have been getting green screen almost as soon as I launch the pc. It all started three days ago while I was playing stellaris after a fresh windows install I did the same day. Downloaded few things firefox, discord, all the drivers and some games from steam. While I was playing the game, it suddenly started to lag and all of a sudden sound loop+a green screen. I manually shut the pc through power button. However upon restart I can go through booting just fine I can get into bios and things like that but when I come to the desktop I get green screen. As I was trying to fix the issue I did lots of restarts and at some point pc refuse to boot aswell(by that I mean fans are working but the screen is black and can't even reach the bios) solution to which was waiting for a good 20-30 minutes and then boot the pc, after which it would boot fine but get a green screen on the desktop nontheless. This cycle would continue where I would try to get the pc to work, get couple of green screens and after which not being able to boot at all.

Anyway I managed to get to the safe mod through cmd with my windows installation usb. In safe mod pc worked fine with no problems. I deleted the gpu driver with DDU and booted the pc in normal mod which worked fine and still is working fine as I'm writing this from my pc. I prevented windows from updating my drivers through group policy restriction settings so it wouldn't update graphic driver. I thought to myself maybe the windows was downloading the wrong driver so I downloaded driver manually which worked for some time played rimworld for a good 1 hour after which I downloaded stellaris and as soon as I launched the game got green screen again. After which the cycle started again (green screen upon reaching desktop + pc sometimes straight up not even reaching the bios screen). I checked the temperatures this time around though while gaming and everything was perfectly acceptable with my gpu radeon r9 380x being around 40-50 degrees and my cpu amd fx-8350 being around 40-10 degrees(temperature monitoring was done with CPUID HWMonitor).

So here is the thing this pc around 2 years ago gave the same problem athough it would happen in games (dota for example) where it would give black screen and with no sound or sound loop and would need a manual reboot after which it wouldn't boot and need a 20-30 minutes before powering up again to get to the bios screen. However back then problem would only happen ingame not on desktop(I mean black screen problem). Everything had warranty so I sent them all. amd sent a new gpu saying that they couldn't find the problem yet they think gpu has a problem, motherboard and cpu were sent back the only thing that didn't have warranty was my 750 W psu (forgot it's name sorry). After I set everything up and booted the pc it worked fine however the problem still presisted and again got black screen and booting problems. The only thing that was left was my psu so I changed it for a 500 W psu(sorry forgot it's name aswell) and it worked for well over a year. However the psu was bough second hand for a cheap price and I'm suspicious of it given the problem seems to be almost identical to the one I had 2 years ago.

Some extra things I like to add:
once got white lines in bios menu yet the menu was still usable.
once got white lines in windows installation. When it got the part where it has to reboot it failed to reboot(black screen can't even reach bios. pretty similar to my problem but without drivers installed)
I was testing rams one by one with every slot to see if they were preventing my pc from booting(getting to bios), took out the graphic card and watched for my keyboard light(as it would go off whenever the green screen problem occurs or pc won't launch at all) and it went off after booting the pc and waiting for some time(probably the time I get to the desktop judging by the time it took).
Once I got lucky and was able to use the pc for some time with drivers. I wanted to see if it had anything to do with radeon settings. went into the settings set gpu fan speed to 1500 rpm nothing happened. However when I set my power limit to +%20 percent I got an immediate green screen.

I have no tool to test the psu and I will go to a nearby electronic shop and test both gpu and psu with different systems at monday. Still I want to get ideas as to what it could be. Trying to the fix the problems with pc was lots of fun though:).

things I tried:
clean windows install(3 times).
tested rams with every slot(slots and rams works fine).
manually install drivers(everything works fine until the gpu driver is installed).
Cut the power to my 4 extra fans to see it would make any difference(didn't do anything althoug the pc got much quieter:)).

problem summarized:
Green screen when I get to win desktop or when I download gpu driver. Pc works yet keyboard lights(numlock light etc.) are off.
Boot problems where pc works but can't even get to bios screen. Have to wait for 30-20 minutes to properly launch pc.

radeon r9 380x
970a-dsep gigabyte motherboard
amd fx-8350
4 extra fan
500W psu(don't know the name sorry)

I will send a picture of the green screen as soon as possible and sorry for not knowing psu names my bad.