Question Green screen with new gpu

Jun 11, 2019
I recently upgraded my gpu to a gigabyte aorus 5700 xt. Now once in a while I get a green screen with no error message then it restarts. The only thing I adjusted was the fan curve. After the second time I tried down clocking to see if it helped but didn’t seem to make a difference. Temps are fine mid 70s unction temp. It’s not working hard gpu utilization is at 50-80% depending on the game. It’s happened in multiple games. I have my psu in multirail mode which will limit amperage not sure if that would cause it? Faulty gpu maybe? Any other ideas?
System Specs
Gigabyte Aorus 5700xt
Gaming edge WiFi x570
Ryzen 3600x
Corsair hx1000
32gb vengeance
Should add drivers and windows are all up to date. Previous drivers removed. No OC. Stock gpu settings in Radeon are 2100mhz at 1135mv.