Question Green squares crashes

Jun 24, 2020
Hi !

So...I'm guessing the problem comes from the GC, duh. But I could be wrong and in need of your help.

From out of nowhere, I started to get the following problem
Here's the problem
Green squares and game freezing at the same time, first after several hours of game, later, after a few minutes. (Persona 4 Golden, fairly light game, was running smoothly on max settings)
Same thing started to happen on Desperados 3, which didn't happen after 40 hours of game previously, after maybe 2 minutes or so.

When the game crashes this way, everything is completely frozen, no CTRL+ALT+SUPP, no ALT+F4...the only thing I could do was a hard reboot of the PC.

Apart from games, everything look just fine, scrolling internet for several hours without having that problem, I might be wrong but when I open files with large amount of stuff in, the icons seem to appear somewhat slow-ish.

I've changed NVIDIA settings from High quality to High performances, no changes.
Drivers updated, no changes either.

Here's a few bits of my hardware
Windows 10
Geforce GTX 760
Intel i5-4590 3.30
8go DDR3

Thanks by advance for your tips and time !
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