greetings to all here



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i ran across this site yesterday and did not have time to join or browse
much .
this seems to be the right place for my questions .

we have 3 pc's in our home . my wife's is a hp pavilion xl761 , mine an
ibm pc 300pl and the latest one (free !) is a presario 9232 . the 9232
is for my oldest daughter , 11 , to learn basic skills on .

i know it has the mighty Pentium1 and a whopping 1.2 hard drive and 16
megs total in memory (4x4) and windows 98 with office 2000 ; i am at a
loss to find much more info about this machine . for 1996 it was set up
well but i need input on what i can upgrade or if this is a waste of
money . i feel that i can do the basics ; i upgraded the hard drives on
both of the other pc's , added memory and even upgraded to a cd burner
on the ibm so i am not afraid to take things apart . but i need
guidance on the 9232 .

i have the maxtor 40 gig hard drive from the hp i can install and have
found memory fairly cheap , but can i move up in cpu size or am i stuck
at P1 ? i am not afraid to change main board if it is not too costly ;
since this is a freebie i can spend a little bit .

i know sometimes it is easier to buy new , but i am trying to teach my
children the basics as i learn too .

any input would be greatly welcomed .
thank you all

The Ghost


Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq (More info?)

not much you can do with it. It wont take a 40 gb drive, you cant put
a different MB it it. Processor is not upgradeable. Any parts you find
(even on ebay) will cost you more than the machine is worth. IF you
really want to learn, go to You will be able to put
togather a *new* machine for less that $300. It won't be state of the
art, but it will work.

Use the hd from the old HP, the cddrive from the IBM and buy yourself a
barebones kit.