Question Grey screen when changing resolution


Jun 22, 2018
Hi, i recently bought Gigabyte aorus rx570 4gb, and i bought Hdmi to Vga cable adapter, my monitor only has vga connector. I used DDU for deinstalling drivers and installed new drivers from amd's site. Drivers install normally, Gpu passes stress test fine, but when i set 1080p 75Hz res in radeon software and select 75Hz in display setting my monitor gets grey screen and when i press ESC goes back to normal, i can set 70Hz and it will work but it can happened that when i play cs witch i play in 1024x768 and i alt tab i'd get grey screen so its problem in changing resolutions, but if i set 60Hz i don't have this problem, but before i bought Rx570 i used R9 270x with Dvi to vga adapter and it worked fine with 75Hz if i tried to set like 80Hz i would get out of range message not grey screen. Did anyone had similar problem or does anyone know if its problem in gpu or in adapter or maybe its software issue?
MOBO - MSI B350M Mortar
CPU - AMD Ryzen 1400
RAM - 2X4 Kingston Fury 2400MHz DDR4
GPU - Gigabyte Aorus RX570 4GB
Monitor - ASUS VW227 Photo of screen