Question Grinding noise after monitor change


Apr 13, 2018
So to make a long story short. My monitor died a painful death (it was old as in 10 years) so I got a new, a Samsung My computer specs are Asus x370 Pro, Ryzen 7 1700, 16 DDR4. And a msi nvidia 710, d-port, hdmi and vga (passive cooling). Not being a gamer I went for the budget version. Since the new monitor has hdmi I changed from vga to vga. to hdmi-hdmi.

The problem is, there is a grinding, loud noise. I cleaned the cpu fan, graphic card, motherboard with air duster. I've fiddled with the nvidia control panel trying different settings both general and application specific. I switched to vga-vga, I've gotten far enough there is no noise as long as I'm not running any video application, youtube after some fiddling works without noise. As does Chrome and calibre and suc h. I've tried different resolutions, different media players but the sound persists. I know the cpu/cpu fan is working fine since it's roughly 40-65 degrees Celsius - when working with several applications simultaneously.

Any suggestions that doesn't involve me forced to buy a new GPU?