Question Grounding a PC on Second Floor?

Aug 8, 2020
Hi! First of all my house isn't grounded. So my room is in the second floor where my PC is located and I get these electric shocks when I touch the metal part of the case. I came across this guy on Youtube who used a nail and stuck to a concrete wall and used a copper wire to connect it to the computer case and claimed that it removed the shocks from the computer case. So can I use this method and just stick a nail to the concrete wall and connect it to my pc even though I’m in the second floor?
Yeah you really need to have a qualified professional properly ground your electrical. If you live in an older home with knob and tube electrical this typically means pulling romex through the walls and down to the breaker box.

A nail and some copper wire is just asking for a potential fire hazard if either there is an electrical short of a lightning strike.


Very unlikely to work.
Dry concrete has an electrical resistance of approximately 10000 ohms per metre so if the nail is 4 metres above the ground you are looking at 40Kohms ,an acceptable resistance would be 5 ohms.
Have you got access to any copper plumbing pipes,if these are copper back to where the water enters the building then you could hook up a wire between your computer case and the pipe .