Grub Error 17


Jan 24, 2010
So I am having a problem and I am hoping that someone can help. On my desktop I recently installed Win7 on a 1TB internal drive. I installed it on separate drive then I had my original WinXP32 installed. So I could test out Win7 before fully transferring over. Well it worked just fine for that last 2 months and I finally decided to get ride on my older WinXP32 OS and run Ubuntu 9.10 on that drive. After installing Ubuntu on my old WinXP drive (that was the original drive on my PC) I no longer can run Win7 I just get this Error (Grub Error 17) when I try to boot my system, but I can still run Ubuntu. If there is anyone out there that could give me some advice on how to get my Win7 OS to run again I would love some advice.
Thank you.

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