Question Gskill trident z rgb 3200mhz 8x2 kit and Gigabyte B450M Ds3H rev1.0 motherboard

Sep 22, 2019
So i have a ryzen build (7 2700) on a gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard. I just purchased a trident z rgb kit (3200mhz). When i go to bios and activate XMP, save and restart they run all fine at 3200. But after i completely shut down my pc, next time i boot it, it wont post, i have to hold the button to turn it off, then turn it back on again just to see that the ram speed resets to 2133mhz. Bios is on latest version.


Ok, so if they are in the second and fourth slots over starting from the CPU socket and going towards the edge of the motherboard, then they are correct.

I don't see any differences in the timings on those memory modules, being the F4-3200C16D-16GTZR and F4-3200C16D-16GTZRX (AMD version) so unless it's something in the secondary or tertiary timings they are nearly identical.

One thing you might want to check is the command rate in the secondary timings. If it is set to 1T, try 2T. If it is set to 2T, try 1T. 2T is usually favored by Ryzen but doesn't always work with every memory kit.

It might actually be preferable if you are not comfortable messing with the timings to return that kit and get a F4-3200C16D-16GTZRX kit instead.